a smiling woman

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I wonder how a day in the life of a smiling woman is like? Mmm


having setbacks

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For every set back God already has planned a come back. Phillipians 1:6. I will come out of this set bavvk a victor. For my father never loses a fight. It may not look good now but sunday is coming. Don’t quit! Its not the end all will be well. Coming your way is big blessing. Jesus will turn your setback a setup for come back. No matter what your going thru God has better plans for you.

Everything will be ok

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the 25yrs i have been in this world i have seen a lot and been thru a lot and now am here… Continue reading ‘Everything will be ok’

new day

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good morning fellow bloggers… It’s another thursday… we have been given yet another chance to do things over, not like yesterday but like now, even better. have a good day. and remember whatever we do, we are expected to be our best, not only by God but by the people who love us the most.

Hello world!

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