maisha “life”

Love and hate is like water and oil…. They don’t mix. Its like trying to compare night and day! I gave love a chance… And what did it do? Got me sick, broke my heart in too little pieces and left me energy less! I knew what I wanted, heck I know who I am…. So I thought. Now I hate.. I hate like theirs no tomorrow! I can’t love. But I am living this thing called life… Meaning I have to move on. My question is how do u know this person Has true intentions? What’s the evidence or info that can help one know he or she fits into your life? I was honest with myself and others about who I was, what I wanted and how I wanted to live my life… See where that spit me out… In the land of the hurt!
I want someone that knows why he wants to be in a relationship! Someone who knows himself, a God fearing man who respects, understands, listens, communicates openly and honestly, has courage to express his true feelings, considers my feelings, Can have a meaningful intellectual conversations…..
I started writing in my diary when I was 15 maybe even younger…. Sometime in my teen life after we moved to America my mother found my diary and kicked me out! Anyway I at the back of my diary had written down qualities that I want in a man. Now I sit back and wonder what happened? Unajua Marsha yanajipa… Translation “life gives”


~ by change inspired by the flame on June 1, 2011.

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